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Chocolate Moon - greenray - 16-07-2016 19:18

Caught a bit of this babe,looked quite pretty

RE: Chocolate Moon - Danzig - 17-07-2016 11:58

ChocolateBig GrinBig Grin

[Image: 19evh] [Image: 19evi] [Image: 19evj] [Image: 19evk]

RE: Chocolate Moon - milfspotter - 27-11-2016 20:24

Chocolate Moon this afternoon

[Image: image-E0F5_583B3235.jpg]
[Image: image-C538_583B3235.jpg]
[Image: image-E108_583B3235.jpg]
[Image: image-2A81_583B3235.jpg]
[Image: image-8AE0_583B3235.jpg]
[Image: image-BC1E_583B3212.jpg]
[Image: image-249A_583B3212.jpg]
[Image: image-A51E_583B3212.jpg]
[Image: image-8658_583B3212.jpg]
[Image: image-A09E_583B3212.jpg]
[Image: image-0121_583B3212.jpg]
[Image: image-0A73_583B3212.jpg]
[Image: image-0B48_583B3212.jpg]

RE: Chocolate Moon - SOCATOA - 28-11-2016 00:27

She certainly ain't plain chocolateTongueTongueTongueTongue

RE: Chocolate Moon - milfspotter - 07-01-2017 17:46

Chocolate back on today. Hope it's the return of regular shows for this channel.

[Image: image-2F11_58710E99.jpg]
[Image: image-7F12_58710E99.jpg]
[Image: image-1A19_58710E99.jpg]
[Image: image-425D_58710E99.jpg]
[Image: image-E80F_58710E99.jpg]
[Image: image-2FFF_58710E99.jpg]
[Image: image-6047_58710E99.jpg]
[Image: image-7885_58710E99.jpg]

RE: Chocolate Moon - milfspotter - 29-01-2017 20:52

Chocolate yesterday afternoon. What I love about this girl is that she doesn't hold back. Unfortunately I had to cut short the recording when my internet connection went down.

[Image: image-521F_588DA214.jpg]
[Image: image-3887_588DA214.jpg]
[Image: image-9F63_588DA214.jpg]
[Image: image-CDCA_588DA214.jpg]
[Image: image-62B9_588DA1EE.jpg]
[Image: image-DD42_588DA1EE.jpg]
[Image: image-6E67_588DA1EE.jpg]
[Image: image-5FC4_588DA1EE.jpg]
[Image: image-C7D3_588DA1EE.jpg]
[Image: image-AD19_588DA1EE.jpg]
[Image: image-7A10_588DA1EE.jpg]
[Image: image-6644_588DA1EE.jpg]

RE: Chocolate Moon - milfspotter - 19-02-2017 23:23

Surprised to see Fleur de Lis back yesterday. Unfortunately, as it was a completely unadvertised show, I only saw the last two minutes or so.

[Image: image-67BC_58AA1A15.jpg]
[Image: image-0ABC_58AA1A15.jpg]
[Image: image-CA32_58AA1A15.jpg]
[Image: image-275F_58AA1A15.jpg]
[Image: image-1622_58AA1A15.jpg]

RE: Chocolate Moon - milfspotter - 06-03-2017 23:07

Manage to catch a little of Chocolate yesterday.

[Image: image-6E0A_58BDDCB9.jpg]
[Image: image-645B_58BDDCB9.jpg]
[Image: image-810E_58BDDC90.jpg]
[Image: image-9E54_58BDDC90.jpg]
[Image: image-5BA7_58BDDC90.jpg]
[Image: image-6489_58BDDC90.jpg]
[Image: image-8884_58BDDC90.jpg]
[Image: image-CD63_58BDDC90.jpg]
[Image: image-0468_58BDDC90.jpg]
[Image: image-0AF9_58BDDC90.jpg]

RE: Chocolate Moon - milfspotter - 01-05-2017 19:47

A nice surprise to see FdL back today with Chocolate Moon.

[Image: image-835B_590776A2.jpg]
[Image: image-5C5A_590776A2.jpg]
[Image: image-3E17_590776A2.jpg]
[Image: image-A172_590776A2.jpg]
[Image: image-C1A2_590776A2.jpg]
[Image: image-4C1E_590776A2.jpg]
[Image: image-0F75_590776A2.jpg]
[Image: image-8252_59077666.jpg]
[Image: image-E151_59077666.jpg]
[Image: image-F620_59077666.jpg]
[Image: image-59FE_59077666.jpg]
[Image: image-FEA8_59077666.jpg]
[Image: image-6DD9_59077666.jpg]
[Image: image-99B2_59077666.jpg]
[Image: image-2CC0_59077666.jpg]