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Sitara - REX MASTER - 28-07-2017 05:46

Welcome Back To The Babeshows Sexy Ms Sitara!!!HeartHeartHeart

Finally.... Some Channel Has Finally Signed Her Up.TongueHeart

One Of My All Time Favourite Babes On The Channels The Sexy Ms Sitara Is Back On The Babeshows Today On XPanded TV. I've Missed Her A lot. I Used To Call Her Years Ago On Masti Chat and Then On Storm Babes TV. I Really Hope She Sticks Around This Time On The Babeshows. Cause I Really Enjoyed Watching Her On The Daytime and Nighttime Shows. Her Sexy Curvy Body Is So Beautiful. Those Big Juicy Bouncing Tits and That Big Juicy Bouncing Ass.Heart

RE: Sitara - Doddle - 28-07-2017 07:48

Seems to have been a while, but she's here now and it's all good Tongue

RE: Sitara - jizzman - 28-07-2017 09:16

great shes back, hope she does some nightshows!!

RE: Sitara - Rammyrascal - 28-07-2017 09:36

Very nice surprise indeed to see Sitara back on the shows today. Hope she can stick around and eventually do nights again

RE: Sitara - rpj316 - 28-07-2017 10:28

I'm ecstatic to see Sitara return.She looks sbsolutely beautiful.Heart

RE: Sitara - Regenerated - 28-07-2017 12:14

She's back! Smile

I was surprised that no channel brought her back sooner, she's been away from the main screens for too long. Anyway, better late than never.

Welcome back Sitara! Smile

RE: Sitara - Doddle - 11-08-2017 08:04

Looking great again this morning Tongue

RE: Sitara - Doddle - 22-08-2017 20:26

Looking like fun this evening too Tongue

RE: Sitara - Doddle - 24-08-2017 08:01

This morning, ditto Tongue

RE: Sitara - Doddle - 05-09-2017 20:24

And again this evening Tongue