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Chatbox Stats & Closure
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Chatbox Stats & Closure
Here are the page load stats for the chatbox since April last year when it was established as a separate entity.

Pages loaded in 2011:

[Image: image-1D36_4F95212C.jpg]

Pages loaded in 2012:

[Image: image-53A4_4F95212C.jpg]

Unlike the other months shown the months of April 2011 and April 2012 are not full months and the stats in each case cover a period of 22 days, so that the stats in all are complete for 9 April 2011 to 22 April 2012.

As can be seen from the stats there has been a steady decline in chatbox usage - to the point where April 2012 had only 2.2% of the pages loaded of the April 2011 figure. As a result of this marked decline in use the chatbox can no longer be considered viable and has therefore been closed with immediate effect. Please accept sincere apologies for anyone disappointed by this decision, but I think the figures posted above show very clearly why the decision has been taken. In fact given the stats for the last few months the chatbox could have been closed before now, but although given time for its fortunes to revive there has only been further decline in use.
23-04-2012 11:03
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RE: Chatbox Stats & Closure
Thats a shame had one or to laughs in the CHATBOX and met some cool people and a few strange ones to Lol

Mariam ChatGirlTV Hottest Babe Channel Girl!!!
23-04-2012 16:11
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RE: Chatbox Stats & Closure
shame it had to go in a way, there was a good crowd in there about a year ago but gradually we all stopped using it, over the last 3 months or so everytime i been in its empty, about 7 months ago there was always about 8 or 9 of us using it
23-04-2012 17:12
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Stevie Offline
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RE: Chatbox Stats & Closure
Any chance of trying it again as part of the forum like it was before? I'd often find myself logging in when it was just a link away, but when you had to faff about re-registering and then having to log in to a separate site I could never be arsed.
23-04-2012 18:44
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RE: Chatbox Stats & Closure
I think chat box needs to come back. There has been good few years since closure. There are so many things that have changed and members that have left and new members that have come back.
10-03-2016 16:24
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