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Instructions For the Woman
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Instructions For the Woman
I insist she always wear clothes that accentuate her
arse and give easy access to it. Her skirts should be
tight about the curves yet be able to ride up and
expose her arse or be so short as to barely cover it.
She is not allowed to adjust her skirt when it rides up, even if there are guests in the house, or in public places, such as restaurants, bars, cocktail parties or theatres. At times this means that her panties will be exposed, on show and visible up the skirt. This is to be encouraged. The skirt must not be readjusted to cover the panties when it has ridden up even this high. The panties themselves should be thin, flimsy material and preferably white cotton, and have a narrow

When guests are in the house she should
not be more demure and must continue to show off
her ass and flash her panties.

Longer, above-knee length skirts or dresses are allowed, indeed encouraged. But on sitting, they must be hiked up several inches to expose considerably more thigh than would otherwise be the case. Observers should be left in no doubt that this is done deliberately, in order to excite them.

She is instructed to constantly be aware of
her sex and arse and ensure her posture and poses
emphasise both, even when doing mundane tasks. So about the house
for example, when cooking, or sat down and on the
phone or watching TV she would have to ensure
her sex and arse are emphasised by her posture and demeanour and thus constantly signal availability of her for me to toy with, admire, worship, and pleasure. And to excite others so that they have to masturbate over her as soon as they get the chance.

When in the car, she must allow her skirt to ride up
her thighs and not adjust it down again. When she is the passenger she should sit with her legs casually
open and apart, deliberately to distract and excite me as I drive, and allow me to play with her legs, and beyond. If she is driving she will let me play with her legs and beyond as she operates the pedals.

She must not, in general, wear bras. Tops must enable the breast shape to be clearly visible under the thin material, and it must allow the nipples to poke through when hard (so most of the time). The top must be either loose and low-cut, or unbuttoned sufficiently at all times to allow the potential for the nipples to be seen if the woman wishes to flash them or let them be seen for a more extended time simply by shifting her posture or merely shrugging her shoulders. The amount of unbuttoning will also allow easy and quick access by by hand or mouth to caress the nipples.

A note on tights and stockings:

The interesting thing is that the seasoned observer can tell the difference between tights and stockings purely from the way they lay on the thigh and knee, without recourse to actually seeing the stocking top or banding. Tights lie very flat and the legs appear contourless, whereas stockings reveal more detail and will crease subtly about the flexion points, revealing contours and muscular and fascial planes, and emphasising curves and tensions. For that reason, in addition to obvious lack of a barrier to the crotch, stockings are infinitely superior in sexiness, and tights are prohibited.
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