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Roxy Hotel Voyeur - mikedafc - 19-10-2009 16:42

It seems she is now doing the daytime Hotel Voyeur show, looks like a good addition to the daytime presenters!

RE: Roxy Hotel Voyeur - DGxxx - 19-10-2009 18:58

It'll take more than Foxy Roxy to improve it unless of course she is going to introduce nipple licking to a daytime audience!

It appears to be a show without a purpose. I thought they were just experiencing teething troubles when it started but it has hardly improved. Admittedly you can no longer hear the director spoon feeding the girls their lines but that was pure car crash telly!

I would like to see Kiki or Rosie on a better daytime show but the rest are awful.

Shame. I quite like the night show.

D G x x x

RE: Roxy Hotel Voyeur - mikedafc - 19-10-2009 19:33

I think the owners tried to make it like The Chat but with a sofa as that seems to be the main grumble about The Chat. Problem is you need the right type of presenter who will be make you interested enough in the show to take part in it.

RE: Roxy Hotel Voyeur - Johnnylove - 19-10-2009 19:59

What they need to do is swap the set/format with The Chat. This would improve The Chat no end. With eyesite issues the small presenters screen on The Chat is hard to see/poor quality. Sorry turned into the chat comment. Blush