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Asian Connections - Dayshow - IvIaxed Stats 76 - 13-03-2011 07:42

i love asian ladies & i think they are the most beautiful on the planet,im writing this because i couldnt find the thread & i just saw the most beautiful asian lady ive ever seen on sitting on the right on channel 950 next to a girl in an all black outfit but
she looks absolutely gorgeous and her outfit looks amazing,the little black skirt looks class with the sexy little top Surprised
Thanks baby,you look awsome I REALLY LOVE THAT GORGEOUS TOP XXXX
LOVE TigerPETExXx Heart

RE: ch 950 asian babes - IvIaxed Stats 76 - 14-03-2011 22:03

just been watching the show again that i recorded on sunday morning
and whoever the girl on the right was wearing the see-through top was absolutely klass and i`d like to see alot more of her wearing the same again if its possible
it was really great seeing her like that 1 st thing in the morning even if i had been awake up all night Big Grin
thanks very much Heart

RE: ch 950 asian babes - G926 - 14-03-2011 23:39

She was absolutely stunning with an incredible body.

And the whole show with that sheer top and no bra on.

It was a joy to watch....... Heart

RE: Asian Connections - StanTheMan - 19-04-2011 13:36

Probably just my rampant imagination when it comes to this kind of thing, but were both girls doing the morning-to-afternoon show today going commando? Unfortunatley I only started watching/recording from about 11:30 so I only caught about 90 minutes or so, but it was just the way they were being extra careful when crossing/uncrossing their legs and with the way they sat - they're not usually that bothered about flashing a bit of knicker? There was also one very brief flash, but the pic quality is so poor it was hard to tell what I was looking at, but it did appear to look like a flesh/pube mix. It could also just have easily been light coloured knickers with a dark pattern, but their cautiousness made me suspicious.

Anyone have pics of Mimzi from asian connections? - cjb1989 - 02-06-2011 22:02

Does anyone have pics of Mimzi the girl with the Australian accent?

Asian girl to nights appeal - StanTheMan - 06-06-2011 01:09

Sorry, I don't know her name, but can we please have the girl with the big natural tits who was doing the Saturday afternoon show, on nights? If her daytime moves are any indication, I can't imagine she'd be too troubled about revealing more on nights.

Does anyone know the name of the girl in question?

RE: Asian girl to nights appeal - StanTheMan - 06-06-2011 15:25

Indeed she was, MrAdams. As much as I dislike the channel's inclusion of men parading as women, the dayshows can be very suggestive. The girl in question left viewers in no doubt whatsoever what type of conversation was going on over the phone.

RE: Asian Connections - Boomerangutangangbang - 13-06-2011 19:42

Two girls on screen,one bent over spanking her arse & the other girls for a good few minutes.Not bad daytime action !

RE: Asian Connections - StanTheMan - 17-06-2011 19:28

(13-06-2011 19:42 )Boomerangutangangbang Wrote:  Two girls on screen,one bent over spanking her arse & the other girls for a good few minutes.Not bad daytime action !

Yeah. I like to watch (when they have only girls on like today) because, as you say, they get up to some fun stuff for a dayshow.

By the way, why is there no post details on the Asian Connections forum on the main page? Where it normally gives the number of threads, posts and last post details, it just says - - - ?

RE: Asian Connections - Dayshow - Ash451 - 18-06-2011 12:30

How can i watch this online?