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Paige Turnah - Chat & Discussion - Rammyrascal - 03-02-2012 17:52

just seen on the schedule that the very sexy and filthy uk pornstar paige turnah is making her elitetv debut next tuesday 7th february!!!!!!!!

RE: Paige Turnah chat - Ree's No.1 fan - 03-02-2012 18:11

I certainly hope Paige is heading to Elite! One of my favourite porn stars who is certainly articulate, intelligent and so sexy...Please let it be true!

For any fans of Paige, see her interview on exploitation from You Tube.

RE: Paige Turnah chat - Rammyrascal - 03-02-2012 18:20

she did a similar interview on this morning a few months ago and came across as you describe her, articulate, intelligent and very sexy. paige is one of my fav uk pornstars for all the reasons ive said earlier & she's got a stunning figure with a very nice rear. paige has got a brilliant sense of humour as shown by her lucky you tattoo just above her pussy

if she is joining elite paige would be a massive coup

RE: Paige Turnah chat - tsurugi - 03-02-2012 18:45

(03-02-2012 18:20 )Rammyrascal Wrote:  paige has got a brilliant sense of humour

Yeah thats her big selling point Wink

But this news gives me a good excuse to post this......

[Image: 412.gif]

RE: Paige Turnah chat - Ree's No.1 fan - 03-02-2012 18:45

I thought she was very good on This Morning when she was debating the ins and outs of porn (sorry, poor choice of words laugh) with Teresa Scott as I remember.

She came across (no, is this turning into a Frankie Howard riff? laugh No, titter ye not Big Laugh Oh, ffs) as a mature young woman who had made a career choice to be part of the adult industry. If she's going to be on Elite then she's going to be the number one PAWG on our screens...!favourite! As Tsu's excellent contribution amply demonstrates!

RE: Paige Turnah chat - Rammyrascal - 03-02-2012 20:23

it isnt an error on the schedule......PAIGE HAS JOINED ELITETV!!!!!! Big GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin
she has tweeted this in the past few mins on her twitter

"Paige Turnah @Paige_Turnah 9m
So excited to join the @EliteTVCasting team next week for my DEBUT on the channel! 10pm-3am #donotmissit"

at the moment just next Tuesday is definite, but hopefully there will be regular shows from paige

a massive coup for elite getting paige, one of the top current uk pornstars who is also cracking America too

RE: Paige Turnah - Chat & Discussion - Cpe - 03-02-2012 20:51

Paige, when not on the UK/US Porn Sets, obviously enjoys time spent in the kitchen.......

[Image: image-DCB4_4F2C3A1B.jpg]

RE: Paige Turnah - Chat & Discussion - Gaz "AV1" Aston - 03-02-2012 21:07

Gotta hand it to Jamie...If nothing else he has a fine eye for an Ass Tongue

RE: Paige Turnah - Chat & Discussion - snookered - 03-02-2012 23:42

Very happy at this news. Elite have an eye for a great pair of tits as well as a mighty fine arse. I think Paige will be a great addition to the roster. A 2-4-1 with Caty would be something worth watching in the future Tongue

RE: Paige Turnah - Chat & Discussion - BoBByB187 - 04-02-2012 13:05

I'm all for this. Paige is a stunning woman and think she will fit in well on Elite. Any extra chance to see that ass and I'm game.