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Cherry - Chat, Caps, Videos - RRROGER - 30-09-2012 18:09

By request I'm starting this thread for Cherry; on the afternoon shift today with Angie, seems disinclined to join Ali on the Hardcore webcam show, but Ali has now been joined by shemale Bea since 6pm.

Here's a few caps of Cherry while Angie was on her break + there will also be a video if the fuckin' idiots at video bam get their system working again, so I can upload my recording..annoyedannoyed

[Image: image-ABA9_506887D5.jpg]

[Image: image-45FE_506887D5.jpg]

[Image: image-7DCE_506887D5.jpg]

[Image: image-E089_506887D5.jpg]

[Image: image-9241_506887D5.jpg]

[Image: image-FBE9_506887D5.jpg]

RE: Cherry - Chat, Caps, Videos - Kimble - 30-09-2012 19:13

Thank you, she is very cute, it would be nice to see here on the hardcore stream with less clothes!

RE: Cherry - Chat, Caps, Videos - mickster - 01-10-2012 01:06

Big Grin
Cherry in my opinion is the prettiest and sexiest of all the Thai girls .
She used to do the night show when it was on sky ,but always looked uncomfortable next to the ladyboys.

RE: Cherry - Chat, Caps, Videos - RRROGER - 01-10-2012 10:10

There is a possibility that if the fuckin' retards at video bam sort their sytem out.annoyedannoyed,
...below will gain you access to video of Cherry on Asian Babes on Sunday afternoon, September 30th.>>>>>>>

[Image: current.jpg]

[Image: thumbsheet_494102.jpg]

RE: Cherry - Chat, Caps, Videos - RRROGER - 05-10-2012 13:23

Friday October 5th...

Video of Cherry this mornin, sharing the couch with Ice for most of the stint...
In fact Cherry had no regular partner at all today, sharing the couch with either Ice or Balloon, who were also alternating with the Thai Hardcore show, in fact seconds after the end of the video Balloon wearing nice blue dress joined Cherry on the couch, but sometimes Cherry was on long solo stints.

[Image: hQgnG.jpg]

[Image: hQgnG_s_496795.jpg]

RE: Cherry - Chat, Caps, Videos - KalEl - 30-11-2012 02:53

Some caps of Cherry from the last few shows, the last lot from Thurs evening show...
[Image: 9zes0_2211che1_thumb.jpg] [Image: ababh_2211che2_thumb.jpg] [Image: muzue_2211che3_thumb.jpg] [Image: 6hjp8_2211che4_thumb.jpg] [Image: j9va4_2411che1_thumb.jpg] [Image: 4rttq_2411che2_thumb.jpg] [Image: qq45v_2911che1_thumb.jpg] [Image: ng3l6_2911che2_thumb.jpg] [Image: 6ycmv_2911che3_thumb.jpg] [Image: th09i_2911che4_thumb.jpg] [Image: pg4xy_2911che5_thumb.jpg] [Image: rflap_2911che6_thumb.jpg]

RE: Cherry - Chat, Caps, Videos - mickster - 03-12-2012 17:16

Cherry is my favourite Thai girl ,she's absolutely gorgeous,my definition of cuteness personified .If I ever win the lottery I'mgonna go to Thailand and "buy"her.

RE: Cherry - Chat, Caps, Videos - KalEl - 21-12-2012 00:51

Caps of Cherry & Vivian from Thurs afternoon show;
[Image: f7kuz_2012che1_thumb.jpg] [Image: vkm8i_2012che2_thumb.jpg] [Image: 6u5a5_2012che3_thumb.jpg] [Image: 2up33_2012che4_thumb.jpg] [Image: 5rek9_2012che5_thumb.jpg] [Image: 84an_2012che6_thumb.jpg] [Image: gm1y2_2012che7_thumb.jpg] [Image: obkbg_2012che8_thumb.jpg]

RE: Cherry - Chat, Caps, Videos - KalEl - 26-12-2012 14:37

A few caps of Cherry (with Kipsi) from Sun evening and then some from Xmas Eve afternoon show (with Anne) also;
[Image: qciqm_2312che1_thumb.jpg] [Image: hf2kg_2312che2_thumb.jpg] [Image: oc6e0_2312che3_thumb.jpg] [Image: 8cyg1_2312che4_thumb.jpg] [Image: luhbm_2412che1_thumb.jpg] [Image: w4qpr_2412che2_thumb.jpg] [Image: tdqf0_2412che3_thumb.jpg] [Image: rcm6n_2412che4_thumb.jpg] [Image: j8lv_2412che5_thumb.jpg] [Image: d0ra_2412che6_thumb.jpg] [Image: 3qay_2412che7_thumb.jpg] [Image: guy8l_2412che8_thumb.jpg]

RE: Cherry - Chat, Caps, Videos - KalEl - 31-12-2012 01:53

Cherry back on for the Sunday afternoon show along with Sami (yay), although why she only changed into that last outfit with 15 minutes left is beyond me... Come on Cherry, you've got down to your underwear before, let's have some good 'special' hour shows from you...
[Image: zqt58_3012che1_thumb.jpg] [Image: hfaua_3012che2_thumb.jpg] [Image: qua6y_3012che3_thumb.jpg] [Image: twqtm_3012che4_thumb.jpg] [Image: 8p4br_3012che5_thumb.jpg] [Image: nyxos_3012che6_thumb.jpg] [Image: k7xhm_3012che7_thumb.jpg] [Image: wedlk_3012che8_thumb.jpg] [Image: 5pdck_3012che9_thumb.jpg] [Image: ha7xf_3012che10_thumb.jpg] [Image: 68fix_3012che11_thumb.jpg] [Image: atfps_3012che13_thumb.jpg] [Image: hgk36_3012che14_thumb.jpg] [Image: jj8ln_3012che15_thumb.jpg] [Image: plmg0_3012che16_thumb.jpg] [Image: j0fi_3012che17_thumb.jpg]