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RE: Cherry - Chat, Caps, Videos - KalEl - 31-07-2013 09:51

Here's the 9pm hour - as has been the norm lately with Cherry, it's pretty low key, and it looks like her 'normal' caller had her again towards the end where she was stifling a fair few yawns!!!;

[Image: 16377314_130604che25.png] [Image: 16377317_130604che26.png] [Image: 16377320_130604che27.png] [Image: 16377323_130604che28.png] [Image: 16377324_130604che29.png] [Image: 16377325_130604che30.png] [Image: 16377326_130604che31.png] [Image: 16377327_130604che32.png] [Image: 16377328_130604che33.png] [Image: 16377329_130604che34.png] [Image: 16377331_130604che35.png] [Image: 16377333_130604che36.png] [Image: 16377334_130604che37.png] [Image: 16377335_130604che38.png] [Image: 16377336_130604che39.png]

RE: Cherry - Chat, Caps, Videos - KalEl - 31-07-2013 10:35

It was Cherry and Cindy again for the afternoon show on Thursday 6th June, here's up to the 9pm hour;

[Image: 16122592_0606che1.png] [Image: 16122593_0606che2.png] [Image: 16122594_0606che3.png] [Image: 16122595_0606che4.png] [Image: 16122596_0606che5.png] [Image: 16122597_0606che6.png] [Image: 16122598_0606che7.png] [Image: 16122599_0606che8.png] [Image: 16122600_0606che9.png] [Image: 16122945_0606che10.png] [Image: 16122948_0606che11.png] [Image: 16122952_0606che12.png] [Image: 16122957_0606che13.png] [Image: 16122959_0606che14.png] [Image: 16122960_0606che15.png] [Image: 16122961_0606che16.png] [Image: 16122962_0606che17.png] [Image: 16122963_0606che18.png] [Image: 16123199_0606che19.png] [Image: 16123200_0606che20.png] [Image: 16123201_0606che21.png] [Image: 16123202_0606che22.png] [Image: 16123203_0606che23.png] [Image: 16123204_0606che24.png] [Image: 16123205_0606che25.png] [Image: 16123206_0606che26.png] [Image: 16123207_0606che27.png]

RE: Cherry - Chat, Caps, Videos - KalEl - 31-07-2013 10:39

Onto the 9pm hour and Cherry seemed to have a little more go in this time, but a lack of calls meant it was still slow, and then she had her 'caller' which seemed to drive her to get into her nightdress lol;

[Image: 16124639_0606che31.png] [Image: 16124642_0606che32.png] [Image: 16124643_0606che33.png] [Image: 16124644_0606che34.png] [Image: 16124645_0606che35.png] [Image: 16124646_0606che36.png] [Image: 16124647_0606che37.png] [Image: 16124648_0606che38.png] [Image: 16124649_0606che39.png] [Image: 16124930_0606che40.png] [Image: 16124932_0606che41.png] [Image: 16124934_0606che42.png] [Image: 16124937_0606che43.png] [Image: 16124939_0606che44.png] [Image: 16124942_0606che45.png] [Image: 16124946_0606che46.png] [Image: 16124949_0606che47.png] [Image: 16124951_0606che48.png]

RE: Cherry - Chat, Caps, Videos - KalEl - 05-08-2013 16:35

Sunday 9th June and Cherry was back with Cindy for another afternoon shift. Here's up to 9pm;

[Image: 16147594_0906che1.png] [Image: 16147595_0906che2.png] [Image: 16147596_0906che3.png] [Image: 16147597_0906che4.png] [Image: 16147598_0906che5.png] [Image: 16147602_0906che6.png] [Image: 16147603_0906che7.png] [Image: 16147604_0906che8.png] [Image: 16147605_0906che9.png] [Image: 16147606_0906che10.png] [Image: 16147607_0906che11.png] [Image: 16147608_0906che12.png] [Image: 16150649_0906che13.png] [Image: 16150650_0906che14.png] [Image: 16150656_0906che15.png] [Image: 16150695_0906che16.png] [Image: 16150696_0906che17.png] [Image: 16150697_0906che18.png] [Image: 16150698_0906che19.png] [Image: 16150699_0906che20.png] [Image: 16150700_0906che21.png] [Image: 16150701_0906che22.png] [Image: 16150702_0906che23.png] [Image: 16150703_0906che24.png]

RE: Cherry - Chat, Caps, Videos - KalEl - 05-08-2013 16:45

Here is the 9pm to 10pm hour, although it seemed a bit of a let down again;

[Image: 16151102_0906che25.png] [Image: 16151110_0906che26.png] [Image: 16151118_0906che27.png] [Image: 16151126_0906che28.png] [Image: 16151135_0906che29.png] [Image: 16151145_0906che30.png] [Image: 16151151_0906che31.png] [Image: 16151154_0906che32.png] [Image: 16151158_0906che33.png]

RE: Cherry - Chat, Caps, Videos - KalEl - 05-08-2013 17:38

A change to the morning shift for Cherry along with Amy on Tuesday 11th June, and just around midday the webstreams all mysteriously went off although the TV channel remained broadcasting and remained like that until Friday 14th!!
So here is some Cherry up till it went dark;

[Image: 16162488_1106che1.png] [Image: 16162490_1106che2.png] [Image: 16162491_1106che3.png] [Image: 16162492_1106che4.png] [Image: 16162493_1106che5.png] [Image: 16162494_1106che6.png] [Image: 16162495_1106che7.png] [Image: 16162496_1106che8.png] [Image: 16162497_1106che9.png] [Image: 16162498_1106che10.png] [Image: 16162499_1106che11.png] [Image: 16162500_1106che12.png]

RE: Cherry - Chat, Caps, Videos - KalEl - 06-08-2013 17:53

Back to an afternoon show on Sunday 16th June for Cherry alongside Balloon. Here's up to 9pm with Cherry in a nice white dress;

[Image: 16195523_1606che1.png] [Image: 16195524_1606che2.png] [Image: 16195525_1606che3.png] [Image: 16195526_1606che4.png] [Image: 16195527_1606che5.png] [Image: 16195528_1606che6.png] [Image: 16195529_1606che7.png] [Image: 16195530_1606che8.png] [Image: 16195531_1606che9.png] [Image: 16195532_1606che10.png] [Image: 16195533_1606che11.png] [Image: 16195534_1606che12.png] [Image: 16197983_1606che13.png] [Image: 16197984_1606che14.png] [Image: 16197985_1606che15.png] [Image: 16197987_1606che16.png] [Image: 16197988_1606che17.png] [Image: 16197990_1606che18.png] [Image: 16197991_1606che19.png] [Image: 16197992_1606che20.png] [Image: 16197993_1606che21.png] [Image: 16197994_1606che22.png] [Image: 16197995_1606che23.png] [Image: 16197996_1606che24.png]

RE: Cherry - Chat, Caps, Videos - KalEl - 06-08-2013 17:58

and here is the 9pm hour, and Cherry had her 'special' caller again;

[Image: 16198326_1606che25.png] [Image: 16198329_1606che26.png] [Image: 16198330_1606che27.png] [Image: 16198331_1606che28.png] [Image: 16198332_1606che29.png] [Image: 16198334_1606che30.png] [Image: 16198336_1606che31.png] [Image: 16198338_1606che32.png] [Image: 16198341_1606che33.png] [Image: 16198658_1606che34.png] [Image: 16198659_1606che35.png] [Image: 16198660_1606che36.png] [Image: 16198661_1606che37.png] [Image: 16198662_1606che38.png] [Image: 16198663_1606che39.png] [Image: 16198665_1606che40.png] [Image: 16198666_1606che41.png] [Image: 16198668_1606che42.png]

RE: Cherry - Chat, Caps, Videos - KalEl - 11-08-2013 09:32

Cherry was with Cindy for the morning show on Tuesday 18th June, and her holey stockings came off towards the end;

[Image: 16210143_1806che1.png] [Image: 16210144_1806che2.png] [Image: 16210147_1806che3.png] [Image: 16210148_1806che4.png] [Image: 16210149_1806che5.png] [Image: 16210150_1806che6.png] [Image: 16210152_1806che7.png] [Image: 16210155_1806che8.png] [Image: 16210156_1806che9.png] [Image: 16213379_1806che10.png] [Image: 16213381_1806che11.png] [Image: 16213382_1806che12.png] [Image: 16213386_1806che13.png] [Image: 16213390_1806che14.png] [Image: 16213396_1806che15.png] [Image: 16213402_1806che16.png] [Image: 16213404_1806che17.png] [Image: 16213405_1806che18.png] [Image: 16213617_1806che19.png] [Image: 16213618_1806che20.png] [Image: 16213619_1806che21.png] [Image: 16213620_1806che22.png] [Image: 16213621_1806che23.png] [Image: 16213622_1806che24.png] [Image: 16213623_1806che25.png] [Image: 16213624_1806che26.png] [Image: 16213625_1806che27.png]

RE: Cherry - Chat, Caps, Videos - KalEl - 11-08-2013 10:47

Back again fro another morning show the next day on Wednesday 19th June, Cherry was with Balloon, and I do believe she was stockingless lol;

[Image: 16235388_1906che1.png] [Image: 16235389_1906che2.png] [Image: 16235390_1906che3.png] [Image: 16235391_1906che4.png] [Image: 16235392_1906che5.png] [Image: 16235393_1906che6.png] [Image: 16235396_1906che7.png] [Image: 16235397_1906che8.png] [Image: 16235400_1906che9.png] [Image: 16236478_1906che10.png] [Image: 16236480_1906che11.png] [Image: 16236482_1906che12.png] [Image: 16236483_1906che13.png] [Image: 16236487_1906che14.png] [Image: 16236490_1906che15.png] [Image: 16236494_1906che16.png] [Image: 16236499_1906che17.png] [Image: 16236504_1906che18.png]