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RE: Cherry - Chat, Caps, Videos - KalEl - 30-03-2013 17:23

Another morning shift for Cherry on Wednesday the 27th, this time with Lisa.. She had to do a bit of self adjusting to keep everything in check lol;

[Image: fl2x6_2703che1_thumb.jpg] [Image: gm5u_2703che2_thumb.jpg] [Image: dk1d2_2703che3_thumb.jpg] [Image: nfnbu_2703che4_thumb.jpg] [Image: qz1up_2703che5_thumb.jpg] [Image: okhv6_2703che6_thumb.jpg] [Image: jj41d_2703che7_thumb.jpg] [Image: btfk_2703che8_thumb.jpg] [Image: cp8b4_2703che9_thumb.jpg] [Image: h7rqg_2703che10_thumb.jpg] [Image: vf9dc_2703che11_thumb.jpg] [Image: asxi4_2703che12_thumb.jpg] [Image: pbx56_2703che13_thumb.jpg] [Image: f4nl_2703che14_thumb.jpg] [Image: ftv6f_2703che15_thumb.jpg] [Image: pav91_2703che16_thumb.jpg]

RE: Cherry - Chat, Caps, Videos - KalEl - 31-03-2013 22:00

From morning to the afternoon shift the next day on Thursday, and Cherry was all alone for the shift?? Perhaps they had a late cancellation; Part one of her show;

[Image: saht2_2803che1_thumb.jpg] [Image: xb2j8_2803che2_thumb.jpg] [Image: b1bgm_2803che3_thumb.jpg] [Image: kle26_2803che4_thumb.jpg] [Image: 9r9d1_2803che5_thumb.jpg] [Image: cr41_2803che6_thumb.jpg] [Image: rced4_2803che7_thumb.jpg] [Image: fz67r_2803che8_thumb.jpg] [Image: vqx32_2803che9_thumb.jpg] [Image: ssbf_2803che10_thumb.jpg] [Image: 7sapx_2803che11_thumb.jpg] [Image: knv04_2803che12_thumb.jpg] [Image: 08z7o_2803che13_thumb.jpg] [Image: xb3uf_2803che14_thumb.jpg] [Image: ngkhr_2803che15_thumb.jpg]

RE: Cherry - Chat, Caps, Videos - KalEl - 31-03-2013 23:08

Part 2 of Cherry's show;

[Image: ek8s3_2803che16_thumb.jpg] [Image: 3jy7q_2803che17_thumb.jpg] [Image: h847q_2803che18_thumb.jpg] [Image: bnd6r_2803che19_thumb.jpg] [Image: kxj09_2803che20_thumb.jpg] [Image: uo07j_2803che21_thumb.jpg] [Image: j9a2c_2803che22_thumb.jpg] [Image: nf4_2803che23_thumb.jpg] [Image: 164po_2803che24_thumb.jpg] [Image: ou002_2803che25_thumb.jpg] [Image: 2i0ic_2803che26_thumb.jpg] [Image: qfl6o_2803che27_thumb.jpg] [Image: pem5h_2803che28_thumb.jpg] [Image: 0vxa0_2803che29_thumb.jpg] [Image: cpphc_2803che30_thumb.jpg]

RE: Cherry - Chat, Caps, Videos - KalEl - 04-04-2013 01:51

A few days off for Cherry, then back to it on Tuesday 2nd for the morning shift;

[Image: i1d8y_0204che1_thumb.jpg] [Image: fz7d6_0204che2_thumb.jpg] [Image: ofvz5_0204che3_thumb.jpg] [Image: 3sd8d_0204che4_thumb.jpg] [Image: ri95r_0204che5_thumb.jpg] [Image: 144p_0204che6_thumb.jpg] [Image: onoci_0204che7_thumb.jpg] [Image: 3cksw_0204che8_thumb.jpg] [Image: uawbi_0204che9_thumb.jpg] [Image: xi8ef_0204che10_thumb.jpg] [Image: 7oqg8_0204che11_thumb.jpg] [Image: lqq4w_0204che12_thumb.jpg] [Image: g2xil_0204che13_thumb.jpg] [Image: d331w_0204che14_thumb.jpg] [Image: an9ov_0204che15_thumb.jpg] [Image: 0s4n2_0204che16_thumb.jpg] [Image: x3qgl_0204che17_thumb.jpg] [Image: fkptw_0204che18_thumb.jpg] [Image: 0uck4_0204che19_thumb.jpg] [Image: d2jk7_0204che20_thumb.jpg]

RE: Cherry - Chat, Caps, Videos - Tbear - 04-04-2013 02:36

Cherry looks stunning in her tight dresses, Anybody called her before? even at 1.53 pm i'm seriously contemplating it lol.

RE: Cherry - Chat, Caps, Videos - Carl13 - 06-04-2013 19:47

(04-04-2013 02:36 )Tbear Wrote:  Cherry looks stunning in her tight dresses, Anybody called her before? even at 1.53 pm i'm seriously contemplating it lol.

Called her on Tuesday morning - Couldn't resist anymore!! Very satisfying Wink

RE: Cherry - Chat, Caps, Videos - Carl13 - 07-04-2013 19:12

[Image: image-2FA8_5161B63D.jpg][Image: image-3E9A_5161B63D.jpg][Image: image-B437_5161B63D.jpg][Image: image-579D_5161B63D.jpg][Image: image-E7B4_5161B63D.jpg][Image: image-73E2_5161B63D.jpg][Image: image-B4A0_5161B63D.jpg][Image: image-9C77_5161B63D.jpg][Image: image-0322_5161B6DA.jpg]
[Image: image-41B2_5161BA47.jpg][Image: image-627C_5161BA47.jpg]

RE: Cherry - Chat, Caps, Videos - Carl13 - 07-04-2013 19:20

[Image: image-3B7E_5161B8A9.jpg][Image: image-59CF_5161B8A9.jpg][Image: image-EBC1_5161B8A9.jpg][Image: image-F04B_5161B8A9.jpg][Image: image-2E0B_5161B8A9.jpg][Image: image-BEAE_5161B8A9.jpg][Image: image-AB52_5161B8A9.jpg]

RE: Cherry - Chat, Caps, Videos - Carl13 - 07-04-2013 22:11

A few caps of the final hour. Have seen her slip the bra off on a previous show but no repeat performance today Sad
She wears beautiful underwear but that dress was designed to be worn without a bra Smile

[Image: image-CD01_5161E00C.jpg][Image: image-D85E_5161E00C.jpg][Image: image-4EFC_5161E00C.jpg]

Hope she remembers her sexy shoes!!

[Image: image-140C_5161E211.jpg]

RE: Cherry - Chat, Caps, Videos - KalEl - 11-04-2013 11:23

lol, you're right there mate. Lately I've noticed that Cherry has a caller in the final hour (Mr Boring I call him, sorry if it's any who frequent here...), who seems to block her from getting down to her underwear, he must be spending a frakkin fortune!!!
Some caps of the same shift, including the nothing happening final hour;

[Image: sz7ki_0704che1_thumb.png] [Image: 1s1jg_0704che2_thumb.png] [Image: lzsxq_0704che3_thumb.png] [Image: owum_0704che4_thumb.png] [Image: n92qx_0704che5_thumb.png] [Image: x6ezw_0704che6_thumb.png] [Image: o7z18_0704che7_thumb.png] [Image: 6g92e_0704che8_thumb.png] [Image: 8q6gj_0704che9_thumb.png] [Image: xhf34_0704che10_thumb.png] [Image: j2mkn_0704che11_thumb.png] [Image: cfqqu_0704che12_thumb.png] [Image: k7j7t_0704che13_thumb.png] [Image: 1vm03_0704che14_thumb.png] [Image: 2ecdo_0704che15_thumb.png] [Image: ed449_0704che16_thumb.png] [Image: ccdaa_0704che17_thumb.png] [Image: 5aj47_0704che18_thumb.png] [Image: xghxo_0704che19_thumb.png] [Image: 3x1nj_0704che20_thumb.png]