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RE: ETV (eUrotic TV) - Nightshow (Hotbird/Astra/Webstream) Chat & Discussion - welshken - 01-03-2015 18:03

heres the non-existent wall lol;show=main

RE: ETV (eUrotic TV) - Nightshow (Hotbird/Astra/Webstream) Chat & Discussion - mr mystery - 01-03-2015 18:45

That link you have given is to ETV's European website, the ETV site has a wall .
The UK Eurobabes website does not have a wall, this was the point being made (ETV does, The UK Eurobabes TV site doesn't)
Check out the Eurobabes.TV home page, there is no ETV or Eurobabes wall tab at the top like there is on the ETV home page

Then check out the ETV home page, were there is a ETV wall tab

RE: ETV (eUrotic TV) - Nightshow (Hotbird/Astra/Webstream) Chat & Discussion - DB83 - 05-03-2015 20:04

Well the 'cat' is out of the bag and yet another step towards full PPV is taking place.

Before this week, as previously reported, a viewer would request a daytime exclusive and the rest could either watch it live or wait the next day and view it for 1 credit.

From this week, all the daytime exclusives are edited together in one movie and the viewer can see them all for 2 credits - just like the night ones - or 3 credits the next day - per show (there are three of these per day). Seems a rather good offer doesn't it ?

Now scroll back, if you can, to the previous daytime exclusives and I doubt if you saw more that 10 of those in a complete day and their average run times were 5 minutes each. Let's, for the sake of argument call that a total of 60 minutes.

Yet this week, there are now daytime exclusives all day and the prepared videos of yesterday total some 340 minutes. So its pretty obvious that not all of these are genuine requests but a vehicle to drag in the viewer.

I have not watched any of these daytime edits so I may be being un-charitable. Somehow I think not.

RE: ETV (eUrotic TV) - Nightshow (Hotbird/Astra/Webstream) Chat & Discussion - welshken - 12-04-2015 10:41

so you haven't watched them, so how can you judge them?
I personally think its still great value compared to some sites.

but enough of slating a site unfairly, I have a question for anyone that can still find this thread, since its been buried into obscurity.
Does anyone know where we can see any more of these girls.? UK girls can be seen many places, but I have no ides about the ETV girls. They don't even give the girls a profile page with any links etc
does anyone know any of their names, Jasmine, Kia, Sellena etc, anyone got any more details or links etc. ?

RE: ETV (eUrotic TV) - Nightshow (Hotbird/Astra/Webstream) Chat & Discussion - DB83 - 12-04-2015 16:00

Actually, after I wrote that reply, which you now wish to dig up a month or so later, I have watched some of them (courtesy of ongoing free videos).

I have also monitored the webpage to see how this PPV stuff is developing and - you can check this yourself if you do not believe me - but the length of the daytime exclusive mixes has been drastically reduced. You can argue that is because viewers are not requesting them or that they are not created just to attract the subscription.

Even the frequency of the night-time exclusive mixes is now reduced to, at most, 3 per week - still the same models featuring in these - and they have returned to longer produced premium shows and themes.

'Value' is relative. Watch one a week and you pay appr. £3.50 live and can eventually see it again for free. Watch more and the monthly cost soon comes close to other sites.

I do not think I am being unfair. I actively supported this channel for years. If you only watch on the exclusive nights then you also are somewhat blinkered. My suspicion is that they dumb-down the other nights now to make the PPV stuff more 'attractive'.

As for the girls, there is one very good reason why you will not find them on the 'net. None of them are models in the usual sense of the word. Some of them, when I watched, did some amateur/character work and there is a website of that agency. I will not link to it.

One of the former models also ran an agency but that website has now vanished.

The studio does not recruit from agencies. They typically come in as friends of existing models or by word of mouth or quiet recruitment from the university.

You like Kia ? Good taste. One of the girls I have personally met as an introduction by one of my friends. Her first name is a very common one for Molvania. I was never party to her second name although I think I saw her fb profile once or twice.

So there's a clue of where you can find 'em. I know of guys who spend many an hour on there looking. And once you find a couple, you tend to find a whole lot more. (That is if you could recognise them without the make-up)

RE: ETV (eUrotic TV) - Nightshow (Hotbird/Astra/Webstream) Chat & Discussion - welshken - 12-04-2015 22:35

(That is if you could recognise them without the make-up) lol, must admit, never been a big fan of makeup, too many girls use too much.

to be fair, I would agree, the daytime show exclusives are noticeably shorter, I requested a couple today and unlike the evening ones which can be 10mins+, the daytime are so quick they barely have time to undress, they have certainly cut them down. If you look at as 2 credits for all of the exclusives then it's still good value, but for myself, after today, they are now too short individually, so I wont bother requesting one again, which is a shame.
and at the moment, I don't see Sellena on the schedule so that's cut down the attraction for me.
in fact, tonight's show I might even skip, with only Monique being a big attraction to me.
I usually only watch the 3 exclusives nights anyway, the other nights just don't interest me.
I still think its good value in comparison with a lot of other sites.
It will be interesting to see how the sites moves forward. I may get bored and stop, I may stay, I guess it depends on the girls that are on the show.
we shall see Smile

RE: ETV (eUrotic TV) - Nightshow (Hotbird/Astra/Webstream) Chat & Discussion - DB83 - 12-04-2015 23:49

For the tv, the girls must wear make-up else the strong lights would wash out their faces.

On my first visit to Molvania's fine capital I even failed to recognise my friend who was waiting for me barely 20 yards from where I stood Smile

But if you have a good eye (I have one but not the other) you usually recognise them. On one visit, a long departed model walked right passed me on the street and on another I spied a still active girl, as I waited for my friend, go into a church. (no need for any jokes there since Molvanian's are much more religious than we are)

RE: ETV (eUrotic TV) - Nightshow (Hotbird/Astra/Webstream) Chat & Discussion - modelflat - 13-10-2015 01:50

Hmm, it looks like morale is low:

[Image: Untitled1.png] [Image: Untitled2.png]

Then suddenly, a preview of the 'erotic' 3-girl bed show that only premium members get to see. Showing the first few minutes and cutting it off to go back to the studio. It may maximize their profit from a private show, but that particular tactic seems like bad form imo - it just makes the channel look like carrot-dangling jerks.

Also, was the PPV being held live? Wouldn't make much sense at 2.40 in the morning CET...

[Image: Untitled3.png] [Image: Untitled4.png] [Image: Untitled5.png] [Image: Untitled6.png] [Image: Untitled7.png] [Image: Untitled8.png] [Image: Untitled9.png]

RE: ETV (eUrotic TV) - Nightshow (Hotbird/Astra/Webstream) Chat & Discussion - DB83 - 13-10-2015 16:53

Gotta also remember that if it is 2:40 CET, it is 3:40 in Molvania.

But surely the night-show has then ended as when I watched there were just two girls left to pass the wee hours until the early.

Motivation comes from voices on the other end of the line. If there is no one......

And the crazy thing is that they have pushed the PPV stuff so hard that even the regulars will stop calling since it is cheaper to just watch the good stuff which, generally, is now pre-planned and not spontaneous as originally.

As for that PPV it looks as if it comes from their latest brain-storm "ETV Wrestling" and, yes, I expect all of those are recorded just in case, God forbid, someone really gets injured.

It's their 11th birthday quite soon as they are already promoting that on their site - the grande finale of the rasslin'.

This party is one I can afford to miss.

RE: ETV (eUrotic TV) - Nightshow (Hotbird/Astra/Webstream) Chat & Discussion - xmsx80 - 07-11-2015 21:02

Eurotic TV is dead since 2012. has nothing to do anymore with the nice times of Sabrina, Scarlet, Amy, Gia and many more. This "artistic, pre-planned, scripted exclusive stuff" has ruined all the spontaneous, often funny and cheeky shows. Comparing 2010 with 2015 is like comparing a rain forest with a desert. It is understandable that they try to explore new ways to earn money, but that shouldn't mean to ruin 3 to 4 night shows of the week.

BTW, I'd rather pay for an encrypted TV channel, than a website. Internet broadcast means traffic (and internet providers are considering to limit the download volumes) and more possible technical problems than satellite broadcast.