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RE: ETV (eUrotic TV) - Nightshow (Hotbird/Astra/Webstream) Chat & Discussion - DB83 - 23-02-2016 12:33

On the PPV side they are also taking the proverbial.

They made some 'specials' eg 'All quiet on the Western Front' which originally were 1 hour an episode. These have now been cut down to 15/18 minutes and they expect you to shell out 4crs for each one. Born yesterday ?

RE: ETV (eUrotic TV) - Nightshow (Hotbird/Astra/Webstream) Chat & Discussion - xmsx80 - 23-02-2016 13:43

At least on Thursday 25th they want to make the first ppv-free show since the start of the new year:

Old Classics TV Show - No Exclusives | Roshana, Tia, Nancy, Kia, Zoe

The Thursday Night Show will be an interesting experiment - The Old Classics TV Show. The best models will gather in the studio to make a traditional show, with no director. There will be no Exclusives in this show.

But I doubt that there will be much VIP messages for shows, after all what they have done, and then only from the few remaining die-hard fans of certain models.

RE: ETV (eUrotic TV) - Nightshow (Hotbird/Astra/Webstream) Chat & Discussion - xmsx80 - 25-02-2016 21:07

What I don't understand is this:

At the moment the TV is only an (expensive?) advertisement platform.

But why don't they advertise their stuff around the the internet. Maybe they have to keep a low profile for some reasons, not least the privacy of the models, the laws in their country etc.

And why don't they try it with the encryption of the satellite channels.
Despite all the talk about the future of TV over the internet, the classic TV is still more convenient in regard to stability, download traffic etc.

RE: ETV (eUrotic TV) - Nightshow (Hotbird/Astra/Webstream) Chat & Discussion - DB83 - 19-04-2016 15:46

I had reason to look in to this earlier today.

Apart from a couple of girls dancing, it was the DJ's - sorry, moderators - visible in the background that caught my eye. We these are a distraction even when the girls are fully clothed.

But it was the bloke that got me thinking. He looked a bit familiar - the hair, or lack thereof, was different, a bit slimmer and appeared taller. But as soon as he opened his mouth, even without confirming his name which he later did, I knew I was seeing a 'ghost'.

Some thoughts of real desperation in this once fine channel spring to mind if now they allow Veni, yes that same Veni whom the older viewers will recall, who did his best to destroy the channel by starting a new service, making false claims of its demise etc. etc., to work there again.

Strange 'bed fellows' indeed.

RE: ETV (eUrotic TV) - Nightshow (Hotbird/Astra/Webstream) Chat & Discussion - modelflat - 20-04-2016 11:35

Interesting. What was the service that Veni started?

I had thought he was only a voiceover guy.

RE: ETV (eUrotic TV) - Nightshow (Hotbird/Astra/Webstream) Chat & Discussion - DB83 - 20-04-2016 13:27

It has been discussed here but....

Veni and Georg (another moderator), who usually worked together on the Saturday night show, left Eurotic in 2008/9 since the new regulations were cramping their style. They started a new channel called PointX. Briefly on satellite but more on the internet.

Their existence in Molvania came to an abrupt end when the police raided the studio and they fled to Ddorf (Germany) and restarted there. They lasted a few months with a couple girls they persuaded to come with them and also some local 'talent'.

I had imagined that neither would be so bold to show their face in Molvania again. Veni was married to one of the models - Tyra - (and laid many more) but effectively abandonded her with a young child. They also took a lot of money from investors, which included Tyra and other people who joined the venture, so there was shades of fraud.

Since their service in Germany was failing, they passed rumours to one of their local investors, who would believe them, that Eurotic was about to close down. And a certain 'sucker' fell for it.

That same 'sucker' had even met them in Molvania's fine capital (they kept him waiting for a couple of hours) when they were seeking promotion for the new service. Oh. They had grand plans but probably too much ambition for their size 9's

RE: ETV (eUrotic TV) - Nightshow (Hotbird/Astra/Webstream) Chat & Discussion - xmsx80 - 18-06-2016 22:51

They redesign their website, and say that they want to expand to new markets with a focus on America. It seems that soon will begin a new chapter in the history of a former nice satellite erotic channel.

RE: ETV (eUrotic TV) - Nightshow (Hotbird/Astra/Webstream) Chat & Discussion - DB83 - 22-06-2016 00:33

^^ What goes around comes around.

I can well recall the ambitions of this channel when they attempted to focus on America in the past >> a total disaster.

A bit IMHO on the new website.

Gone are, despite their claims that some will return, most of the old videos.

Gone is support for certain web-browsers >> if you want to watch (if you can) then IE is a no no.

Gone are, until the weekend at least, all the ppv shows. So no 'exclusives'. Not that I should cry about that since the whole principle of the babe-show is that it should be fta and not ppv with ultimate content decided by the caller who should also not be expected to pay twice.

Only time will tell if some shows return as ppv. If they do not it is a vindication that that roll of the dice did not really work - even just one show per day would be quite a costly experience and it was quite evident that, when I did look in that calls were very thin on the ground. The real problem now is to regain the trust of the viewer and not attempt some short-term gain.

RE: ETV (eUrotic TV) - Nightshow (Hotbird/Astra/Webstream) Chat & Discussion - xmsx80 - 22-06-2016 18:36

Here is message from their (propaganda) wall:

we're not returning to the old schedule of TV shows and there is no way we're abandoning the idea of developing high-quality web shows. On the contrary. As we've been emphasizing all along, we're committed to making a substantial and meaningful step forward in terms of both the quality and the breadth of our shows and our website content. This requires changes and time to set up properly. The future of our genre is the Internet, not legacy broadcast technology, just like the future of filmmaking is not celluloid. We don't think there's any doubt about this.

Since around march the image quality on Astra got worse. They must have lowered the bitrate.

RE: ETV (eUrotic TV) - Nightshow (Hotbird/Astra/Webstream) Chat & Discussion - xmsx80 - 01-07-2016 19:57

It seems that the studio (or at least a part of it) is for rent. The pictures show rooms that are used/were used for the internet shows: