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Candy - Carl13 - 06-04-2016 20:00

Very Tasty Big Grin

[Image: image-C65E_57055B79.jpg][Image: image-FEA8_57055B79.jpg][Image: image-4042_57055B79.jpg][Image: image-36D6_57055B79.jpg]

RE: Candy - absfan1815 - 18-04-2016 15:54

Just came across her on Storm now. Delicious.
Would love to see her oiled up in her full glory on nights.

RE: Candy - darren73 - 18-04-2016 16:01

[Image: CgUZhyDWwAAvPkk.jpg][Image: CgUlQEgWcAAVG4M.jpg][Image: CgU4xIGW8AAmE4-.jpg]

RE: Candy - IvIaxed Stats 76 - 18-04-2016 17:59

Candy was looking really sweet on the show then
Kind undoing the buttons on the sexy outfit she's wearing

When I first seen her earlier today I started recording her show
More out if hope but their was something about her that guiding my hand to the remotes record button and I'm glad it did laugh

Candy was really sexy when I was just watching so hopefully we can see more of her spicing up the daytime's but loving the sexy outfit
Thanks storm Candy's class Shy
Very sexy looking & sexy with it !!!

PS their some nice pics too

RE: Candy - IvIaxed Stats 76 - 31-05-2016 09:47

Great seeing candy yesterday
I left the show recording from when I seen her around 2 pm when I was flicking thru the channels

She was looking like she was feeling really frisky
Very sexy in a little top with denim shorts

I was just gonna say how thankful I am that I left the show recording after having a quick look after I remembered I recorded and some of the outfits candy changed into looked fantastic so I was just starting to watch from the beginning were she is wearing the denim shorts n little top an already as I say , Shy candy's already made me glad I recorded your channel

When I seen her last time I posted I thought she was sexy and seeing her again now just reminds how right I was,I'm loving how she's wearing such a sexy collection of outfits aswel tho
Look really nice on her but she's stunning too

RE: Candy - IvIaxed Stats 76 - 27-06-2016 15:41

Just seen candy on the show,I'm loving the little red top with those tiny little shorts,great timing aswel really,really pleased to see such a sexy looking babe wearing a something so small Smile nice one candy,hope u have a great day an keep up the great entertainment Wink
I'm loving ye nice perkies on show darlin xx

RE: Candy - OurJud - 20-07-2016 22:08

I don't normally bother with Storm, day or night, but when I was having a flick through something about her flirting manner told me to hit record (similar to you, Tiger*Pete).

There was nothing major happened, but she kept doing these little things that kept me interested, like giving her boobs a little shake or squeeze, or putting her hand around her back and playing with her arse. At one point she put her hand right inside her top and grabbed her tit, and for one breathless moment I honestly thought she was going to pop it out.

RE: Candy - jimmyt73 - 03-08-2016 17:17

Great show from Candy today,if only she could appear on nights

RE: Candy - IvIaxed Stats 76 - 24-08-2016 12:24

Was just looking through the channels at about 12 and wanted to come here after seeing candy again then just to say how nice she is looking

I know it doesn't usually get said as a description that often,if at all but the outfit is absolutely excellent laugh

Really nice to see candy again though
Especially how she was posing to the camera shaking them fine boobies with such a fantastic view of them , it's not often anyone goes for the underboobs fashion but I loved how she was shaking her booty too Shy

PS ourjud lol started recording today as soon as I seen candy lol

Nice booty/+ & booby shaking laugh

Absolutely excellent made me laugh as it popped into my head when I first seen candy how she was laying posed in that outfit Smile

Have a nice day all
Suns out super fit candy s on the show and looking as hot as each other Wink

RE: Candy - forumdude - 24-08-2016 18:41

Candy is storms best dayshow babe a move to nights would be ideal.