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Phone-paid Services Authority - BarrieBF - 22-07-2016 01:20

The premium rate telephone regulator, PhonepayPlus, has decided to change its name to the Phone-paid Services Authority.

The new name has been adopted because the organisation thinks that it makes what they do clearer to premium rate users.

RE: Phone-paid Services Authority - bigglesworth - 22-07-2016 02:26

This is the second name change, as they used to be ICSTIS (from 1986 to 2007).

RE: Phone-paid Services Authority - kelly1066 - 22-07-2016 14:17

Still a bunch of useless FCUKS though....!

RE: Phone-paid Services Authority - admiral decker - 25-07-2016 00:31

PhonepayPlus actually do a decent job of regulating premium rate phone lines. They are quick to act upon complaints from the public and are very effective at rooting out the scammers - and they regulate only by insisting on good service levels and not by regulating content.

Compared to the pathetic Ofcom, the inconsistent ASA or the dreadful ATVOD, I'd say that PhonepayPlus is a marvellous regulator.

RE: Phone-paid Services Authority - schvall - 11-07-2017 01:26

I've seen a few news stories recently about phone scammers. I find it amazing how brazen some of these crooks are.

Fortunately the fines from the PSA can be seriously hefty, so those scammers who get caught really are punished.

RE: Phone-paid Services Authority - BarrieBF - 07-03-2018 15:27

How about this for a scam?

Quote:I tried to call my insurance company and misdialled area code 01296 instead of 01926. A message instructed me to call 118820. I was then transferred to my insurance company. In order to resolve a technical insurance issue the phone call was 25 minutes in length. For this call 118820 have charged me £94.27 !