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New TV series for Channel 5 - TVCASTING - 10-10-2016 16:03

Hi all,

I am casting a new medical reality TV series - I'm looking for women who have something they'd like checking out by a doctor. Our team of doctors are all qualified and approachable and we will also refer you to specialist for treatment where necessary.

We are focusing our search on people that may have used drugs / supplements bought online, diagnosed themselves from the internet or are at their wits end with a problem they haven't been able to get treated.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, please get in touch on here.

Maya - (0)207 489 6309 or give me an email for more info on Big Grin

Casting a new medical reality show - TVCASTING - 13-10-2016 11:31

Hi all,

Looking for people based in and around London that have something they'd like to get checked out by one of our Doctors...

- Got a lump or bump that you are worried about?
- Problem down below?
- Had DIY cosmetic surgery that's gone wrong?
- Sexual health problems?

Get in touch on to find out more about the series.


Maya 0207 489 6309