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Babestation Cams Webshow Chat & Discussion
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RE: Babestation Cams Webshow Chat & Discussion
(21-06-2013 15:40 )JohnTT Wrote:  Hey now everyone,

How was Tiff and Lori on babestation cams last night?Smile


Have a read through

From what i heard about it, it was shit = same old beggars that do & show nothing.

As for other webcam shows from what i heard Geri's was mind blowing. I'm so Fucked of i missed it annoyedannoyed

Why members post content that's not shown to the public is beyond me.
Because of certain posts they’ve now blacked out the cams or moved them out of the way so we can’t see anything. Thanks guys you really know how to screw things up for the rest of us...
Over my 6 years of being a forum member I've never seen anything so stupid...
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21-06-2013 17:02
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