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BabestationX & Live Shows - Chat & Discussion
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RE: BabestationX & Live Shows - Chat & Discussion
been slacking on my reviews, so a bit of a catch up,
starting with the bank holiday weekend, i thought it was great all the shows where enjoyable with lots of good stuff on them,
it started with Samantha Bentley on a solo so now this was the weakest of the weekend, it was not a bad show plenty of pussy on show just that when she is solo she can lose focus, and start to look board she much better in GG,
next we had Beth, Dani and Jess West this was a lot better as Jess replaced Penny Lee who i think would have been out her depth in a GGG show,
i would say it was on of the best GGG shows i have seen on BSX as they are not easy to film, Beth and Jess are always great together, and Dani was loving the other 2 spending a lot of time playing with her, great stuff,
next the highlight of the weekend Carmel Anderson and Rhiannon Ryder what an amazing GG show form these 2 naughty girls, you could see they had worked together a lot before as nothing was off limits and they where really into each other it was amazing to watch loved every minute of it, really hope we see Rhiannon again she could be a real star on BSX,
the sunday was 3 solo shows form Atlanta, Jess West and Amber Jade, and it was a great night, was nice to see a what u could call classic BSX show as not seen them do one like this in ages,
Atlanta was amazing as she always is she really knows how to use her amazing fit body great stuff, Jess was pure class as always such a joy to see her playing with her pussy and Amber was the best i have ever seen her on BSX she was so much confidence and showed a lot of her pretty pussy off, hopefully more from her soon at this level,
monday we had the lovely Lynda Leigh doing her first show in ages and it was very good she shows off her juicy pussy so well its really sexy to watch, hope we dont have to wait so long for her next show only sad point was it was only a 20min show was hoping it would have been all night as it was a bank holiday,
sadly the 2 shows in the week where not as good,
tuesday was Jessica Lloyd and she was not showing much pussy at all, i find her shows very inconsistent at the moment she seams to have only 1 good show in 3, which is a shame as she dose more BSX than anyone,
thursday they put Lori on for some unknown reason even though they had Kiki and Amber on tv as well and no surprise she did her usual no pussy show she really should ever been on BSX
friday was just strange it was ment to be a night of Kiki something i had waited ages for but they decided to use her on tv so all we got was 2 30min shows,
Atlanta was up first and was amazing as usual, the show had even more sexy gymnastics in than usual so was really fun to watch, shes such a star,
Kiki did the other show and showed what we missed out on as she was really really good, shes become a very naughty BSX girl happy to show lots off her pretty pussy, would love to see her in a GG with Atlanta,
saturday was meant to be a GG with Roxy and Samantha Bentley but Roxy no showed and Samantha was the same as her last solo show the week before so not as good a night as it should have been but still ok,
be interesting to see how this week goes with out the sexstation girls to cover the bsx shows as they didn't do very well last week

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