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BabestationX & Live Shows - Chat & Discussion
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RE: BabestationX & Live Shows - Chat & Discussion
(11-08-2016 13:07 )aaron Wrote:  
(31-07-2016 12:31 )M-L-L Wrote:  what they want to do is actually move it completely away from the more explicit "porn" shows - why else had they dropped the internet only webshows for bsx completely for quite some time now, even when they've had performers like Leigh, Beth etc who would still do them ? - and they've decided to leave that to Unleashed or some other platform; this might be either because they think there isn't the demand, there's some kind of regulation problem being able to advertise more explicit stuff on TV making it not worthwhile to try; or they simply can't get the performers to do the more explicit shows; or all of the above.

Ruby told me it was simple lack of viewers. With webshows they always know the exact number of people watching, which in this case apparently was hardly anyone.

now this made sense at the time when unleashed was free to air for the hard stuff....they even showed bsx for free on unleashed sometimes (what buisness brains lol) ...surely since unleashed as we knew it is no more....there is a strong market for Babestation girls to go a bit further on BSX webshow?


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babestation xtra

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