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This announcement isn't just aimed at the members of the site, but the forum team as well.

From this point onwards, personally insulting remarks are subject to deletion without notice. This is in response to a current trend towards posting hurtful and offensive remarks about non-members of the site, working under the assumption that if it isn't a flame against a site member, then it's O.K. to post it. The forum team have been just as culpable as the members in allowing this attitude to become entrenched, often taking the attitude of "Not on this site? Not our problem!"

This attitude can no longer be allowed to continue. Communications received from non-members who have been on the receiving end of certain comments have brought home the fact that, on a site as large and well frequented as this one it is impossible to post in a vacuum. I'm sure that none of the members responsible for the offensive posts would like to think of the persons referred to reading those comments and feeling depressed and upset about it.

With that in mind, the forum team will be scanning the site and removing posts that can be deemed as personally offensive or insulting, future post of this nature will not be allowed to remain.

Please be aware of the fact that criticism of a given presenters performance is acceptable, however comments that cross the line into personal abuse or insults will be deleted without notice.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter and we hope you continue to use and enjoy the site.

The forum team.

"You say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. I say that I tailor my jokes to the audience..."
28-04-2009 12:14
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