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Lilly Roma - Pics & Chat
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goatman222 Offline
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RE: Lilly Roma - Pics & Chat
I dont do social media so i would like to personally thank all the picture and video posters on this site Smile
If some girls dont want there pictures uploaded then they should not make them available to the public.... simples

Greatest of all time...Man!
Yesterday 11:25
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Doddle Offline

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RE: Lilly Roma - Pics & Chat
As Darren is presumably neither profiting from the pix, nor taking credit for them, I'm not sure he's got anything to feel reproachful for.

Neil Young Wrote:You need to have good memories from your past. You never know when you're going to have to depend on those memories just to see you through a bad patch in your adult life.
Yesterday 13:49
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Lemtu Offline
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RE: Lilly Roma - Pics & Chat
(Yesterday 10:45 )darren73 Wrote:  
(20-09-2018 18:23 )Lemtu Wrote:  [Image: Capture.png]

" annoyed Why is a fan of mine posting pictures of me for other people to see, losers! annoyed "

I am not a loser I just like posting top quality pictures of all the babes and I'm pretty good at it what have you done on this forum with your 22 posts since you joined in 2016

The fuck? I was poking fun at Lilly's bizarre tweet, not having a go at you, Christ almighty.
Yesterday 15:50
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Rebel County Offline
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RE: Lilly Roma - Pics & Chat
I'm a big fan of Lilly's and have been for nearly ten years. But if you follow her on Twitter, you would know she does like a good moan up..Lilly along with a few other girls do like to have a go at this Forum online, but never seem to come on here to air their grievances. Maybe if they could post their Amazon lists and Onlyfans they would be all over this place! Also this is a Forum not a Fanclub, but the postive posts far out way the negative ones.Finally darren73, he is one of the best posters in ten years of this forum.
Yesterday 17:00
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Joey 27 Offline
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RE: Lilly Roma - Pics & Chat
^Exactly, its a forum, this forum would be very boring if it was just full of picture posts, unfortunately a lot of good opinions are ignored on the girls threads, yet an old recycled picture post gets about 15 thanksRolleyes

Im all for new girls getting a bit of exposure with pics posted of them, but big names like Lilly and former babeshow girls don't need pics posted of them constantly.

If i want to see a girl i like i'll just watch her on TV or watch a video of her, I don't get a kick out of seeing a pic of someone having a drink at some fancy bar or her having her hair doneBounce

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Yesterday 17:34
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