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Porn Filters
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admiral decker Offline
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RE: Porn Filters
(22-12-2015 00:45 )ShandyHand Wrote:  Less than a quarter of homes with kids (just 24%) are using Uncle Dave's porn filters. How this breaks down per provider is shown here

Talktalk have given a different figure to the 14% shown there, as they have claimed more than once that it's around 35%. Almost 3 years ago they said it was 25% back then. It would be interesting to know how Ofcom arrived at their figures.

Talktalk's filters are nothing to do with 'Uncle Dave' of course, as they had them in place before the agreement with the government.
22-12-2015 13:21
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ShandyHand Offline
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RE: Porn Filters
^ Yep Uncle Dave is a self-adopted father figure for these things. Hardly an original thought from them I agree.

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22-12-2015 13:42
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