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BabestationX & Live Shows - Chat & Discussion
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RE: BabestationX & Live Shows - Chat & Discussion
gtheboy, I'm sorry you found my post insulting - it certainly wasn't intended that way, and I would certainly never stand in the way of anyone offering their opinion.

However . . . are you really telling me that you expected Brookie and Lily to be stuffing toys up each other, when neither of them have done anything remotely like that on BSX before?

Are you really telling me that BSX have (in your opinion) decided not to show any more explicit shows because a few people on here have said that different levels of shows are OK?

Do you believe that because a channel CAN show up to a certain strength then they MUST push that limit every night? (which would make you one of the people insisting that those who prefer different shows must be prevented from seeing them)

Could you find any stronger material on any other television babecast?

As long as they continue to show some explicit shows, some erotic shows and some tease shows, they will keep most people happy for at least some of the time. I believe that gives them the largest audience and increases their income, otherwise they wouldn't do it.

If they abandon the stronger shows altogether then I will certainly be complaining - like I keep saying, I think ALL tastes should be catered for. At least until more encrypted channels appear, when they can narrow down their focus.

Oh, and the repeat thing - they have pretty much always done that. Even the good old days of SportXXX had rubbish American films on after the live show had finished.

Hope that explains my position better than my previous post!!
23-06-2013 21:03
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babestation xtra

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