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BabestationX & Live Shows - Chat & Discussion
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RE: BabestationX & Live Shows - Chat & Discussion
(04-07-2013 20:27 )cwpussylover Wrote:  think its dead...perhaps their spokesman will pop up and defend them again Smile

Oooh how clever! You're SO witty! Why is it when someone has an opinion that argues against your complaints about BSX, they must be "in their pay" or "their spokesman" or however else people want to imply it.

I like strong shows. I just don't think they're the be-all and end-all of an adult channel. And I'm mature enough to understand that different people have different tastes which is difficult for a single channel to accommodate.

I have complained loudly about BSX in the past, but people choose to ignore that now because I'm OK with a variety of shows.

I also don't buy into the conspiracy theory that BSX are deliberately arsing about with the strength of the shows just so they can point and laugh when we all run around like headless chickens screaming "too tame!!! too tame!!!"

I have no idea what this weekends shows will be like, but they have as far as I know picked two performers with strong track records (Lacey excellent, Dionne good, but a bit samey for me). However, my expectations are not high because I fear whatever caused last week's shows to be so obviously interfered with may still be in place.

Anyone who thinks BSX deliberately prevented Lacey from giving us her usual show just to mess with us is forgetting that show's like that where a trusted performer doesn't produce her usual level stands a good chance of losing them viewers.

Still, I don't suppose there's any chance of changing your mind (or sierramans either) - every night must be full on stretched pussies, fingers and toys right - never mind if other viewers are stopped from getting what they want!
04-07-2013 23:25
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babestation xtra

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