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BabestationX & Live Shows - Chat & Discussion
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RE: BabestationX & Live Shows - Chat & Discussion
This is as I see it

1) Sudden shutdown of BSX without warning - Nothing unusual in this.

1a) Bangbabes went off freeview just as suddenly and no warning given. Closed down by ofcom.
1b) RLC went off freeview just as suddenly and no warning given. Closed down by show owners without explanation
1c) Party People went off freeview suddenly. I think they announced it was the last night, actually on the last night.
1d) Both Cream and Honey nights also disappeared off freeview without much warning.
1e) By contrast, we had about a weeks warning that Party Girls was ending and the same for EliteTV (as Studio 66 was called at the time)

The reasons for closure - I would suspect are commercial rather than being forced to close by authorities. (encrypted TVX is still on freeview)

1) Increased competition from xxxPanded ch180 at 36p per minute. It seems they have already reacted to this by reducing their call charges occassionally.
2) General enconomic gloom amongst general public and customers
3) The hot weather - people are spending their money on other things
4) From the posts on the forum it would seem that a lot of people are dissatisfied with the present content of the shows which would seem to have got worse lately judging from the reports. Perhaps they have lost viewers and callers.
5) Taming down of the other BS channels due to ofcom (ie no proper girl-girl like there used to be) and loss of viewers.
6) Loss of viewers to their main channels due to the OSG and excessive advertising
7) Saving money by reducing their main 4 freeview channels down to 3 and less girls needed

All this is pure speculation and unless there is something in a future ofcom bulletin we may never know the real reason.

BTW I just checked today and the video clip from the show's second night has now been downloaded 6989 times
see post #3
21-07-2013 18:04
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babestation xtra

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