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Porn Mag Ban
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Scottishbloke Away

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RE: Porn Mag Ban
(02-04-2015 22:35 )circles_o_o_o Wrote:  ^ and then she beckoned him into the back room and said look you don't need to buy that when I can help you out, and he couldn't believe his luck and then made sure to write a reader's letter to be published in the mag he was trying to covertly buy Big GrinTongue

Not a fucking chance as it was me she was banging at the time Tongue Things never really worked out in the long term with her as I found out that she was still having it off with her ex.

Enough said - Fucking slut Huh
02-04-2015 22:49
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eccles Offline
custodes qui custodiet

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RE: Porn Mag Ban
Never say the attraction of Loaded. It was neither one thing nor the other.

I suspect that the more articulate women who want mens mags banned are not the same ones who buy shopping trolley garbage mags.

Depressingly all calls for censorship and bans are based on wanting to stop other people doing things. Its not about offence or harm to the complainee. We live in a sophisticated enough society for offence to be avoided, and any serious harm gets stomped out as it is directly linked to arrestable offences. There is pretent harm which is really just offence - "I saw a model who is skinner than me and that makes me feel bad about myself."

As people say, who needs porn mags these days (except when staying somewhere with no internet). Im watching an old episode of 8 Out Of Ten Cats on Dave from sometime out of the Ark - Girls Aloud are still together - and there is a 20 year old Holly Willerbooby. Yup, hobnob and tissues. Unfortunately the gods of balance have put her next to Joan Rivers, but it still good if I close one eye and only watch the right hand half of the screen. Now shes giving Jimmy Carr a massage. Byeeeeeeeeeeee.

Gone fishing
03-04-2015 00:53
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circles_o_o_o Offline

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RE: Porn Mag Ban
The end of Zoo. Last issue out today.

[Image: 14S2C9Z0.jpg] [Image: 9SQcmnLz.jpg][Image: q6DYnLvu.jpg]
[Image: jrwUtMMj.jpg] [Image: UyWV1nAs.jpg]
22-12-2015 14:41
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papahet3969 Offline
Posting Machine

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RE: Porn Mag Ban
have they not heard of digital editions lol ?
22-12-2015 14:48
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sedsa Offline
Junior Poster

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RE: Porn Mag Ban
Nobody would buy that mag for several reasons, it's got a poor selection of models on the whole and you can get much harder stuff for free,. That's the main reason a lot of girls cam, do tv (and some also escort on the side under the radar.). They didn't pay big sums to the girls for a long time due to things like Paul Chaplin's set up, "models" sending in camera phone pics and shooting for next to nothing etc. Once that crap started and the quality of models went down, coupled with being able to get the pics for free online anyway meant that zoo like nuts etc was doomed.

(22-12-2015 14:48 )papahet3969 Wrote:  have they not heard of digital editions lol ?
22-12-2015 18:07
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