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Wendy Taylor - Chat, Caps & Vids
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Missing Robyn Ryder

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RE: Wendy Taylor - Chat, Caps & Vids
[Image: Wendy_Taylor_26_04_2015_Part_1_avi_0001.jpg] [Image: Wendy_Taylor_26_04_2015_Part_1_avi_0002.jpg]

[Image: Wendy_Taylor_26_04_2015_Part_1_avi_0005.jpg] [Image: Wendy_Taylor_26_04_2015_Part_1_avi_0007.jpg]

[Image: Wendy_Taylor_26_04_2015_Part_1_avi_0008.jpg] [Image: Wendy_Taylor_26_04_2015_Part_1_avi_0018.jpg]

[Image: Wendy_Taylor_26_04_2015_Part_1_avi_0019.jpg] [Image: Wendy_Taylor_26_04_2015_Part_1_avi_0020.jpg]

[Image: Wendy_Taylor_26_04_2015_Part_3_avi_0004.jpg] [Image: Wendy_Taylor_26_04_2015_Part_3_avi_0006.jpg]

[Image: Wendy_Taylor_26_04_2015_Part_3_avi_0012.jpg] [Image: Wendy_Taylor_26_04_2015_Part_3_avi_0015.jpg]

[Image: Wendy_Taylor_26_04_2015_Part_3_avi_0016.jpg] [Image: Wendy_Taylor_26_04_2015_Part_3_avi_0019.jpg]

[Image: Wendy_Taylor_26_04_2015_Part_4_avi_0006.jpg] [Image: Wendy_Taylor_26_04_2015_Part_4_avi_0007.jpg]

[Image: Wendy_Taylor_26_04_2015_Part_4_avi_0008.jpg] [Image: Wendy_Taylor_26_04_2015_Part_4_avi_0012.jpg]

[Image: Wendy_Taylor_26_04_2015_Part_4_avi_0013.jpg] [Image: Wendy_Taylor_26_04_2015_Part_4_avi_0016.jpg]

[Image: Wendy_Taylor_26_04_2015_Part_4_avi_0017.jpg]

Sorry, but I cannot understand why people want the babes to be permanently naked. After all if they were then it would severely restrict their movement, and then people would complain about the babe being too stationary and boring bladewave

Plus even with this outfit on, she was wearing less than some of the babes on other channelsWink


If anyone wants to use my videos to make GIF's, they can...
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