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Documentary Research
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marlowe Offline
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RE: Documentary Research
(13-07-2015 20:50 )DB83 Wrote:  Not many 'students'/models read these pages

It's funny then how they are so quick to complain, if someone posts something here that they don't like. Cool
14-07-2015 03:29
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barracuda Offline
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RE: Documentary Research
(12-07-2015 14:01 )Goodfella3041 Wrote:  I know of some girls that have BECOME students, once they realized that the babeshows are not the path to glamour modeling WAG-dom that they thought it would be.

Yes very true and a good point. I think there are more babeshow girls that have become students, than vice versa.
05-08-2015 02:22
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m100 Away

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RE: Documentary Research
(13-07-2015 12:38 )little gem Wrote:  
(11-07-2015 12:27 )wackawoo Wrote:  I'm a busty blonde and will fall for this. Were can I meet you? Your place or a seedy hotel?

Little Gem TV is in Shepherd's Bush, but as we're in the early stages of this project we are not looking to meet anyone at this point.

If any students are interested in talking to us they are welcome to get in contact on or 020 3773 7183.

if this works

a) the girls who fall for it seriously need to go back to college anyway

b) let us know then we can have a competition every september to see who gets to use it that year on new students.

would all those wishing to take part in today's round of multiple username bingo please note emails must be submitted before 5pm
09-08-2015 15:21
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