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Babes Draft
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Babes Draft
hi guys for this thread i thought i would do the babes draft if your not familiar with the wrestling draft then the rules are simply for this draft you must pick 3 babes to be drafted to BS,S66 and Xpanded and say your reasons why?

My Picks

Lola Knight to BS (This girl deserves to be on BS after all the great shows she has done on S66 in the past couple of years she has been there best performer by miles let's just hope when she does arrive to BS they don't miss use her like they do a lot of the girls.)

Amelia Fox to S66 (Bullied seems like a strong word when it comes to Amelia Fox but that's what it feels like they have been doing from the outset if she goes to S66 it would give her a fresh start and she would be getting nude all the time like she was about to before BS stopped her she would become one of S66 best performers.)

Ella Jolie to Xpanded (She doesn't do nothing on S66 anyway so i think she will fit in rather well)

Favourite girls and their current channels

BS. Lexi Lowe,Dixie Love,Bella Mendez,Tommie Jo,Alice Goodwin,Lily Rose,Amber Jade,Amelia Brookes,Mia Middleton,Chloe L,Emily Blake,Atlanta Moreno,Nicole Snow,Tori Lee and Scarlett Jones

S66. Clare Richards,Georgie Darby and Hannah Martin

Xpanded. Jessica Kelly,Amanda Randall,Rosie Rendall,Brooke,Lola Knight and Kerrie Lee

Retired. Sophia Knight and Brookie Little
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02-02-2018 12:42
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RE: Babes Draft
Gemma Jane from BS daytime to S66 daytime because she'd be encouraged to show her arse.

Tanya from BS daytime to XP daytime because maybe she'd be encouraged to vary her outfits.

I wouldn't recommend any host to go to BS because their outfit restrictions, performance level restrictions, pervecam and curtain shows will hinder a host's career from reaching it's full potential.

In my opinion all presenters on all channels fall into four categories:
1. Beautiful and energetic performers (I'll happily spend money on them)
2. Beautiful and lethargic performers (It's too expensive trying to coax a sexy performance out of them)
3. Attractive and energetic performers (Their performances do entice me to spend money on them when my faves aren't on)
4. Attractive and lethargic performers (I don't even bother freeloading their shows LOL)
03-02-2018 01:46
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