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PENTHOUSE and PLAYBOY copyright notice
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PENTHOUSE and PLAYBOY copyright notice
Please note that no Penthouse and Playboy material can be posted in this forum, not even the odd image, due to these two organisations being very strict in protecting their copyright on every single image of theirs.

PENTHOUSE's standard copyright notice reads as follows: "Penthouse pictures are not available for posting to websites, newsgroups, chat rooms or anywhere else. We have every intention of pursuing infringers as may be legally required to enforce our rights. Penthouse pictures, provided for the exclusive pleasure of our valued members cost a lot of money to produce and were created by the masters of their craft. They're to be enjoyed, but not stolen. Copyright infringement is theft, no more or less."

PLAYBOY's standard copyright notice reads as follows: "All materials found on any of the Playboy sites are protected by United States and international copyright laws and treaty provisions and may not be reproduced, copied, posted, published, uploaded or distributed, except with the prior express permission of Playboy. If you wish to use any Playboy image or video you may write or fax Playboy Enterprises, Inc. to request permission, marking your message for the attention of Rights & Permissions."
05-06-2009 17:51
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