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VR porn

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William H Bonney Offline
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RE: VR porn
(10-03-2024 23:49 )Sam987 Wrote:  I was very impressed by VR porn. This is a completely different level. Of course, there is still room for improvement, but overall I am delighted.

Yes it's a completely different level to 2d porn and it makes 2d videos look very limited. However, and this has been mentioned in the thread before, I think there needs to be more variety and not just POV scenes. At the moment there isn't much emphasis on material where the viewer is a voyeur, it's mostly about depicting the viewer as a participant, as the guy in the scene.
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13-03-2024 02:14
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graystu Offline
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RE: VR porn
I checked out some of the camsites offering VR rooms and the VR effect worked very well, except that some of the girls are way too close to the camera. I assume this is deliberate to make you feel as close to her as possible, but you can be too close for comfort. Unlike with videos you may have downloaded there's no way of zooming out.
01-04-2024 00:28
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Lord Rockingham Offline
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RE: VR porn
I don't think it's deliberate. Remember that the 3d rooms are also 2d rooms and the girls setup their camera as they usually do for a 2d show. In other words, I don't see them doing anything different because they are also offering 3d. They just go with what they normally do. So when you enter 3d it does sometimes seem like you're right on top of her, but not because she did anything on purpose to make it that way, it's just the natural experience of being in 3d and of you seemingly putting yourself into the room.
11-04-2024 00:49
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